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Design Colloquium 
AIA CES Learning Objectives

2017 Colloquium:

Session 1 (3 LUs)
Attendees/participants will:

  1. Understand the current state of affairs in the U.S. related to support for sustainability goals.
  2. Learn how to advance sustainability and resiliency in their own firms.
  3. Understand how Design-First firms characterize leadership, and how it's different than many other 'mainstream' firms.
  4. Learn the secrets to effective ownership and leadership succession.

Session 2 (3 LUs)
Attendees/participants will:

  1. Learn how some Design-First firms have overcome constraints imposed by integrated design and delivery structures, to make projects successful.
  2. Learn from the owners’ perspective what they want to get from their design/construction teams in these integrated projects.
  3. Learn what to avoid in integrated project delivery structures, to protect the quality of the project.
  4. Understand how leaders of Design-First firms appeal to potential clients in the ways they talk about their firms.

Session 3 (3 LUs)
Attendees/participants will:

  1. Learn what other, leading design professionals are doing to increase their impact in the world (beyond projects).
  2. Learn what the AIA 2017 Firm of the Year recipient did to build an entire practice around work for mission-driven clients.
  3. Explore what they can do within their own firms to broaden their impact in the world.
  4. Learn what other firms are doing to attract and keep quality design talent.